For the best party!

You want to have the best wedding, work event, or party out of all of your friends. First step, you have to keep your guests hydrated!! We can elevate your get-together to a full blown shindig that your guests will never forget. We have a wide range of drink combinations that you can choose from, or you can have your guests make their own. Either way, Pop's Soda can make your event memorable in the best way. 

Mixed Soda Bar

Our mixed soda bar is an open-bar format so guests can have as many drinks as they like. Pricing is based on the number of people, special requests, and transportation cost. Check out the breakdown below for a more information.

How We Charge

Number of People/Drinks

We offer two different options for our soda bar. You can either have our open bar, or purchase one of our drink bundles.

For our open bar, we charge $6 a head. This is the best option to ensure that your party does not run out of drinks.

For our drink bundles, order minimum is 100 drinks for $250. Each additional drink desired is $1.50 extra (i.e. 200 drinks costs $400).

Both options include a setup and a professional server(s) for up to two hours. Also, a $100 non-refundable security deposit is needed to secure your event on the schedule. 

Special Requests

You may have special requests so that our drinks can make your event great. Whether you have new drinks, you require more than our 4 drinks, or special dietary requests, we can work with you on pricing. Typically, we charge an additional $50 per special drink. By special drink we mean any base drink you want that isn't currently on our menu.


Example: Lemonade, Italian Sodas, Pepsi, etc.


If you plan on holding your event in the middle of nowhere, there may be an additional transportation fee. We try to keep this fee as low as possible. We start charging a transportation fee if your event is more than 40 miles away from Provo (our HQ). Our transportation fee is $.87 per mile.


Example #1: Your event is in Lehi, UT. This is less than 40 miles away so you pay no transportation fee.


Example #2: Your event is Layton, UT, which is 60 miles away. Your transportation fee would be $52.20 (.87 x 60). 

Still Confused?

We know this sounds complicated. Give us a call at 770-530-1045 or email us at to get a quote where you don't have to do any math.