Finally. A Top Ten List Of The Best Sodas In The Game

Finally. An incontestable top 10 ranking of the best sodas on the market today. We are well into 2021 so it’s time that we as Americans finally get some clarity. For the sake of this blog, we will be looking at major brands of soda, not your ma and pop soda brands. Basically, any soda that you can consistently go into any gas station or convenience store and get will be included in this extensive list. Also, diet soda won’t be included on this list. Why do you ask? Cause that shit is nasty.

Alright, here we go….

#10: Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Look, I get that its basically a cure-all for any ailment, but the actual flavor of the soda isn’t great. But at least it’s better than Mellow Yellow.

#9: Barq’s root beer

The worst root beer flavor of the 3 major brands including A&W and Mug. I get that we all love caffeine, but it honestly ruins it for me.

#8: Fanta

As a child, I actually loved Fanta. Nothing like playing in your little league baseball or soccer league and then pounding a Fanta to get a full recovery. But as a man, I cannot in good conscience put this higher than #8.

#7: Mr. Pibb

If there was no Dr. Pepper to compare it to, Mr. Pibb honestly isn’t that bad. But, there is a Dr. Pepper to compare it to. Hence, why it comes in at #7.

#7: Mug Root Beer

Look, Mug Root Beer is good, not great. That being said, depending on what you’re eating while drinking, such as pizza or some type of bbq, it’s not a bad option.

#6: A&W Root Beer

The best of the root beer brands. The extra vanilla flavoring puts it in the lead of the 3 major root beer brands. Drink this while eating some fried chicken...OHHHHH baby you about to have a great day.

#4: Mountain Dew

As a proud member of one of The Boyz, it pains me to put Mountain Dew at number 4. Nothing would bring me more joy than to rank it number 1. Alas, I am burdened with the heavy task of coming up with the top ten sodas on the market. And it’s time that the boyz realize that mountain dew is not the best drink in the world.

#3: Coke

Name something more American than Coke. You can’t. It’s seen at every 4th of July celebration and it’s merchandise is plastered all over your weird aunt’s kitchen. Coke is a wonderful drink and can always leave you smiling and satisfied.

#2: Sprite

A horribly underrated drink. Granted, the variance in quality between plastic bottles, cans, and McDonald’s soda dispenser can be tricky. There can be times when drinking from a plastic bottle and it does not have the right amount of fiiz. That being said, Sprite can be so so so good. On the right day and with the right meal, sometimes Sprite is the perfect drink.

#1: Dr. Pepper

Look, it’s a fact. Dr. Pepper is the best soda in the game. It seemingly pairs perfectly with everything, whether you’re eating Mexican food, pounding some Bbq, or just chilling at home losing to a 12-year-old on Call of Duty. It simply never disappoints.

P.S. You may have noticed Pepsi was nowhere to be found on this top ten list. That’s because it is simply gross. Thank you for your time.

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