Is This The Biggest Problem Facing Utahns Today?

Utah. It's an amazing place to live. I've been here for almost 6 years and this place has really grown on me. The mountains are spectacular, the winter sports are second to none, the national and state parks are some of the best in the world, and it even has some fantastic sport teams. However, just like any place in the world, there are some drawbacks. Some people might say the biggest issue is pollution, rising housing prices, or lack of diversity. While those are all true and extremely harmful in their own ways, this is in fact the number 1 issue holding Utahns back: Good breakfast cafes -- especially ones that are open on Sunday.

Now I get it. You read that last sentenced and scoffed. This is the biggest issue? YES!! This is a serious issue. There are over 636,000 people living in Utah county and I can name all the breakfast spots that are open on Sunday on one hand. And from that list only one, maybe two are good places to eat. Yet all of those restaurants have EXTREMELY long lines every Sunday. I'm talking an average of a couple hours wait time before you can sit to eat! And some of these places certainly do not deserve it. Black Bear Diner? Jim's Family Restaurant? DENNY'S??? IHOP???? These are the best places the number 1 economy for GDP growth can produce?

(This is where we are taking our kids? Endangering their lives for some shitty pancakes?)

No, I simply can just sit by and do nothing while a travesty that is Black Bear Diner gets as much business as it does on Sunday. It's way too expensive and its trash! Us Utahns deserve fluffy hotcakes! We deserve fresh omelets! We deserve delectable skillets drowned in gravy! And we deserve this on Sundays!

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