Worried Your Wedding Might Be Boring? Here Are Some Simple Tricks...

Congratulations! Your big day is just around the corner. It is the most important day of your life and you will remember those moments forever. However, don't kid yourself. Your wedding day isn't the biggest day of your guests' lives. Sure, your mother or father or even best friend will probably mark it on their calendars, but for most of your guests, your wedding day is viewed more as a celebration or party. In fact, it's probably not the only wedding they will go to this year! So how can you make your wedding not only special to you, but to everyone who attends? Well, here are some tips:

  1. Avoid holding your wedding on the same day as a big game. I know you just rolled your eyes as your read that. But, the fact is nobody wants to be at a wedding when their favorite team or the SEC championship game is on. Avoid the month of March at all costs. Avoid game 7s of NBA playoffs. Avoid Sundays during the NFL season. This is just basic stuff. Have your big day during the summer when just baseball is on. Nobody care about that. Ensuring your special day is the only big event happening that day will make sure your guests will only care about you.

  2. Don't take the dancing for granted! Don't hire the groom's best man to dj your wedding (unless they are an actual dj or have real equipment). Music goes such a long way in bringing the vibes to the wedding. And please make sure your DJ knows not to play the whole song!!! 1-2 minutes per song is ideal!! I promise by the second verse of I Wanna Dance with Somebody people are slowing down and feeling the awkwardness.

  3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP: HIRE POP'S SODA. This is a no brainer. When someone thinks wedding they think of love and drinks. That's it! That's the whole list!! To prove it, I've added Captain Jack Sparrow as a reference.


You got to have drinks the whole family can enjoy. You think just having alcohol will suffice? What are all the kids going to drink? Water? No, a nice soda bar is something the whole family can get behind. (And if you need to bring a little something-something to add to the soda to give you courage to hit the dance floor then that's fine!)

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